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The Traditional Breeds Meat Market Company Ltd

The Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Co Ltd is committed to organising the supply and promotion of the highest quality meat from pedigree British rare and traditional breeds for the benefit of discerning consumers, selected independent butchers, keepers of rare breeds and most importantly, the conservation of rare breeds themselves.

The initiative is a proven conservation exercise that works; by providing a market for non-breeding stock, more people keep more of them and the breeds improve in numbers as a direct consequence. It has been proven to be the most effective way of conserving rare breeds.

The meat from named pedigree rare breeds is something truly special. Why? Find out in our specially-written articles below. If you are used to meat from the mainstream market, then be prepared to re-educate your tastebuds with something truly special. o


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  History of the TBMM
Find an Accredited Butcher

History of the TBMM
Find an Accredited Butcher
Why Rare Breeds Meat is so Special... the 6 key reasons
The Breeds That Make The Difference
Total Traceability
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